Eerstvolgende Verkoop van Speelgoed:

Esrein Markt – Zondag 15 April te Hengelo

Esrein markt 15 april.PNG

Komt allen langs en steun de hartstichting!

Dit zullen we die dag verkopen:

  1. Houten Muziekdoosjes – Als puzzel in elkaar te zetten – EUR 20,-/stuk


All 5

2. Trekpoppetjes – EUR 7,-/stuk

3 2

druk poppetjes meisje.PNG

3. Dromenvangers: klein EUR5,-/stuk, groot EUR 10,-/stuk

4. Snowglobes: diverse prijzen


5. Educatief Houten Speelgoed & Puzzels: diverse prijzen

Wiskunde Speelgoed

Houten Puzzels

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I’m selling Toys for Kids, to raise Money, for Kids.

Want to know why? Then please read this post:

Chapter 0 – The Great Awakening

If we make a profit, it will go straight to the 

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All of the net profit (after admin cost) will go to the Dutch Heart Foundation, so please do yourself, me and 1000’s of children a favor:

Buy A Toy, From Your cropped-heart11.png  and For The cropped-heart11.pngcropped-heart11.pngcropped-heart11.pngcropped-heart11.pngcropped-heart11.png that need it.

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Edwin – Father Of A Boy With A Beautiful Heart


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Music Boxes (Muziek Doosjes)

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Push Toys (Druk Poppetjes) 

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Coming Soon! Work In Progress…But You Can Help

I’m working on finding reliable partners that can help me deliver Wooden Toys, Snow Globes, Wooden Puzzles, Music Boxes, Teddy Bears etc…basically everything made from natural products that bring a positive and/or educational happiness to a child.

If you are that person/partner, then please drop me an email at or fill in the fields below. Thank you!